Modelling the London North Western Railway Open Day

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Modelling the London North Western Railway Open Day

Post by Prospero » Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:48 pm

Do not forget to join us at the Society's annual ‘Modelling the London North Western Railway’ Open Day on Saturday 6th July 2019. This very interesting and informative day starts 10.00am and ends at 4.00pm.

There will be opportunities to view models from both the Society’s collection as well as from our member’s. The highlight of the day will be demonstrations by Paul Barker of Stephenson Carriages/Millholme Models on how to line carriages in the LNWR’s complex livery.

The Society’s extensive collections of photographs, plans, drawings and working documents will also be available for your inspection. If you have any plans or drawings you wish to be scanned on the Society's state-of-the-art scanners then please bring them along.

If you are interested in attending the Open Day would you please reserve a place by emailing me at:
Many thanks

Mike Musson

07734 556014

London North Western Railway Society
Unit 6A, Princes Drive Industrial Estate
LNWR 2-4-0 Precedent.jpg
LNWR 2-4-0 Precedent.jpg (43.07 KiB) Viewed 776 times
L.N.W.R. Jubilee 4-4-0.jpg
L.N.W.R. Jubilee 4-4-0.jpg (90.29 KiB) Viewed 776 times
Photograph courtesy of Roger Stapleton, the builder of this superb model.
LNWRD292a.jpg (77.31 KiB) Viewed 776 times
The photographs nor the builders of two of the models are not known so are not individually credited but are from the London Road Models section displayed on the website. If you know who the builders/photographers are please let me know so they can be credited.

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