Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

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Harry Jack
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Re: Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

Post by Harry Jack » Wed May 27, 2015 1:25 pm

For what it's worth (from a non-modeller) I would like to see - somewhere - a complete list of all models and toys which purport to be of LNWR subjects. Some of them might tell us something, or provoke a discussion; I seem to recall a debate about the colour of vans when Hornby or Bassett-Lowke items were cited as evidence.

To draw a firm line between "models" and "toys" - which everyone agrees - seems impossible. Anything LNWR at 4mm - 1ft scale running on 16.5mm track looks like a toy to me, but others might consider it a model. It would be easier to list them all as "Models & Toys" and include the lot.

An ancient clockwork 0-gauge Maerklin(?) Precursor tank sits on my mantelpiece: the dome has a too-flat top, the two detachable headlamps are far too big, as of course are the wheel flanges. But it is in approximate LNWR livery, with "L&NWR" on the tank sides.

I once had a gauge-1 Bassett-Lowke "Sir Gilbert Claughton", spirit-fired, but made with only two cylinders. Hardly a model, but maybe more of a model than something outwardly very accurate but electrically driven.

It would be interesting to see these things, and other LNWR items - including 0-gauge Hornby - in a list with descriptive notes.

It's all part of LNWR studies.

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Re: Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

Post by stephenweston » Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:01 pm

Just back from the Auction.....

If you want a cheap layout, start buying Hornby O Gauge clockwork - only a few lots made it past their low estimate. Locos which used to sell for £600 were going for a third of that.

The selection of LNWR carriages were of a high standard. All met their high estimate and many went for double, and in a few cases, treble that! There were three gentlemen in the room bidding - there would have been a fourth if I could have afforded the prices fetched. Another day.......

Most bidding was via the internet or by phone. As I live in Rugby, where the auction was being held, I went to inspect a few Lots that a Society member was interested in, on the Friday night, and was able to see one Lot had a plastic, not metal, body and wheels which didn't spin freely. The paint finish wasn't as good as shown in the photo on the web site. We decided not to go for that one; it actually went for more than the Lot we won! Other carriages had missing glazing, which had fallen into the bodies and will be tricky, in not impossible, to retrieve. This wasn't obvious on the auction web page.

I shall be happy to inspect Lots for Society members at subsequent Vectis Auctions in Rugby, and bid on your behalf. The charge for this service will be a reasonable bottle of red wine ;)


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Re: Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

Post by quentin » Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:47 pm

Thanks Steve for your description of the Auction.
I was watching on-line, and occasionally bidding, and my experience was very similar to yours, albeit at a distance! I did secure 2 of the LNWR coaches, the motor driving carriage and its trailer, at a higher price than hoped for. As a result I didn't compete for any of the other LNWs!
I may well be looking for a reasonable bottle of wine at a future auction, hint, hint!
Thanks again,

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Re: Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

Post by simonweston » Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:57 pm

Seems like a challenge Harry. If people supply the photos and the notes then I'll provide infrastructure on Webb Site - similar to current model listings. When critical number reached to show it's got a chance then will do it, but start sending photos straight away.

Theres some coaches etc that have just been purchased, expect them to be photo'd soon :-)

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Re: Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

Post by murryb » Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:17 am

I am once I reimburse somebody now the proud owner of 2 Chowbent wagons. Bit worried about the Red Wine as a fee for doing the biding, is it to be supplied before or after.
Does anyone know who might of been the builder of the coaches/Wagons.
Stephen thinks going to an auction and biding is a cure for constipation Some how I do not think that would wash with the other half,do you think I was born yesterday, springs to mind.
Thanks for your help Stephen.

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Re: Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

Post by stephenweston » Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:03 am

The red wine is to be supplied after a successful bid.

I found bidding quite exciting. I arrived 90 minutes before the first lot came up (apparently they get through 120 lots in an hour) so had a while before I sprang into action. After watching the 'coarse scale' lots going for less than the low estimates, I started to get my hopes up for the LNWR lots. Alas.......

I didn't recognise any of the three gentlemen bidding for the carriages - are they Forum Members? The carriages were all of a high standard and suspect were the highlight of the auction; I hope photos appear on the Forum. I'll take a couple of photos of Murrys and post later.

A pleasure to help and it gave me a rest from decorating. :D

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Re: Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

Post by Mike Williams » Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:42 pm

Interesting results.

I guess auctioneers specialising in toys cannot be expected to know about scale models. Those "brass" "kits" made by "FRP" were actually scratch built by our newly-elected Trustee Francis Pearce, in Plastikard. I understand they were some of his earlier models. I think the others at the auction are self-explanatory.

Francis, by the way, is a modest chap. At the AGM he mentioned being around at the start of another charity. What he didn't say is that it was (and is) one of the largest preserved railways in the country and he held a very senior post! Typical of this unassuming and capable man and we are so lucky to have him and other such people on the committee now.


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Philip Millard
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Re: Vectis Auction 6th June at Rugby

Post by Philip Millard » Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:11 am

I think that purchasing models (or anything, really) at auction without being present and without having the opportunity to examine ithe item closely is a somewhat risky undertaking. There are often blemishes or defects which do not show up in a photograph. And the auctioneers are not liable for misdescriptions - e.g. brass instead of plastic. Allowing for the wolfish buyer's premium and postage/carriage the items sold at Rugby seem to me to be very fully priced.
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