Researching staff from Rugby Erecting Shop who served in WW1

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Researching staff from Rugby Erecting Shop who served in WW1

Post by JohnnySpanners » Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:56 pm

Good evening,

I hope I've posted this in the correct place and hope to try and research this further.

I am trying to find out information about members of staff at the LNWR Erecting Shop at Rugby who served in World War One. Whilst the memorial from the Locomotive Department was transferred to the Erecting Shop when it became the District Electric Depot, I am trying to find out about these people and their roles both in the LNWR, and in military service, as I am planning on suggesting a reinstated memorial is placed alongside the Loco Department one dedicated for the Erecting Shop staff.

The comprehensive Warwickshire Railways website hosts the Erecting Shop Roll Of Honour, ref. LnwMA349, and can be found here:

It lists as follows:

Captain C Middleditch
Lieutenant R A Riddles
Corporal E A Welch M.M
Trooper A E West
Dr W R Bolton
Private T Montgomerry
Private T W Daffey
Private R Clowes
Private W C Chater
Private W Page
RF M, G E Coley
Private E C Busson
Private D McNicoll
Rifleman J H Cooper
Private J C Birch
Private E H Watts
Sapper E H White
Corporal H J Barker
Sapper C J Barden
Sapper J Ollier
Private E A Ashwin
Private F W Blunden
Gunner L J Holloway

Whilst looking at the list one name stuck out to me as a Railway Enthusiast, being Robert A Riddles. Trained at Crewe and working with the LMS, Ministry Of Supply and then British Railways. Of course I'm aiming to try and find out the history of all of the men named, I'd imagine most will be local but a few may have come from other arms of the L&NWR?

I recognise a few Rugby surnames in amongst the names listed, so would be willing to get help from any relatives if possible. Granted times are strange at the moment which doesn't help matters, but I want to spend as much time as possible working upon this to ensure every detail is correct.

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